Saturday, November 30, 2002

Fire Safety and Styling Mousse

I uploaded something I shot on Super 8 for a class in 2002. It's my leg getting waxed. The assignment was to shoot something simple to prove that you had learned how to focus and how to use a light meter, which as you'll see, I clearly didn't. There's no sound or editing. It's really boring and it looks like shit. It was shot with way too much light, and then when I shot it through the camera off of wall projection, it looked even worse and all strobe-y, and now it's been distorted through youtube. I know I'm not exactly selling it here, but if you do watch it, then I strongly recommend putting on music. I tried it with Air Supply's "Two Less Lonely People in the World" and The Carpenters' "Jambalaya", and both worked great. I think literally anything would work great. It's called Fire Safety. It makes a good double feature with the somewhat better Styling Mousse (posted below), which is about a cut on my knee, and was made the same year.

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