Thursday, July 3, 2003

Remember That Time I Gave You AIDS?

Remember That Time I Gave You AIDS?
Part 1 of The Vomit Trilogy. 2003. 11 minutes, 33 seconds.
A member of a rock group gets pregnant while killing the other member of the rock group, then shares a dirty needle with her junkie roommate; giving her baby AIDS by shooting up into her stomach.


Alexandra Mechanic as Robert Page

Austin Wolf-Sothern as Jimmy Plant

Andrew Edem as Roommate/AIDS Carrier

Mel Roska as Dr. Wong, 0505 as Dr. Wong's Girlfriend

Alejandro Flores as 5-year-old/Robert Smith

Writing, Directing, Editing: Austin Wolf-Sothern (as Placenta Ovaries)
Makeup: Alexandra Mechanic
Wardrobe: Alexandra Mechanic, Austin Wolf-Sothern
Lighting: 0505, Alejandro Flores, Andrew Edem, Austin Wolf-Sothern
Special Effects: 0505, Austin Wolf-Sothern
Music: The Led Zeppelins
Cinematography: Austin Wolf-Sothern, 0505, Alejandro Flores
Vagina (cut scene): Chris Hatfield

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