Sunday, October 31, 2004

Becoming Kirk Cameron

A pumpkin turns into Kirk Cameron.
Edited/Directed by Austin Wolf-Sothern (as Placenta Ovaries).
Made in 2004.


iconoclastic17: "you know this can cause a fuckin brainwash"

rayg320: "the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. Absolute crap idea."

hillbillyvampyre: "Very low-brow."

harmous: "you are a fucking idiot. you are even gayer than kirk cameron--and that says a lot..."
-- jamieluvzyabaybi: "for one thing. kirk cameron isn't're seriously jealous.
but i agree with you that this man is a fucking creep."

HendrixTshirt: "sure he's gay. That's why guys likie him become super religious. They want to prove to everyone they're not."

bigd216: "kirk is the man! he is one of my heros"

jester420: "gay!"

stpaulphillip: "Disgusting."

osiris9508: "who did this coz i seriously want to kill u!!! u can tell bye the video that u r gay or that u hate kirk so bad that u do this piece of crap???? wtf were u thinking?"

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